Increase Semen with Performer5

Want to Ejaculate Huge Loads of Semen and Last Longer in Bed?

Larger semen loads is not just great to increase orgasmic pleasure but is also a great way to impress upon your woman. I am sure watching those porn stars have made you wonder how to produce larger loads of semen and ejaculate with greater strength and force to enjoy earth shattering orgasms.

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Performer5 is a solution to all your sexual shortcomings.

Increase Semen with Performer5It is the most powerful and 100% organic semen enhancer that can shoot your semen volume by up to 500% within a few weeks. Not just this, it can also ensure rock solid erections that last much longer!

It can make your perform like Porn Star and Ejaculate Huge Loads of Semen!

Performer5 is an Organic Formulation

Performer5 is different from other products we have been reviewing for treatment of ejaculation issues. It is one product based on 100% organic and natural formulation that works inside the body to improve semen production and ejaculation performance. The product successfully targets frustrating sexual issues found in men, including infertility, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Why Performer5 is better than Other Products?

While reviewing Performer5, few important things became clear about how the product differs from other competing products.

Here are some ways that clearly mark these differences:

  • Performer5 works holistically from inside to replenish and boost the natural reserve of body nutrients. Many other products like Semenax and VolumePills fail to do so.
  • Once the body gains more than enough nutrients, Performer5 works externally to increase the ejaculation performance in terms of ejaculate volume and ejaculation intensity.
  • 500% more semen production is aimed by Performer5 to enhance the ejaculation volume.
  • Performer5 claims to take 2 weeks to increase sperm motility by 250% which is significantly faster than other products.

How Performer5 Achieves Results?


Performer5 helps in achieving amazing results by supplying right ingredients in enough amounts to the body. The ingredients of Performer5, including zinc, creatine monohydrate, pomegranate, mucuna pruriens and l-arginine are all credited with the power to improve sperm count and semen production inside the body. Many other ingredients have been carefully selected by the Performer5 ingredients to ensure that each lacking aspect is repaired or improved.

As per the consumers of Performer5, they have successfully attained 4-5 times increase in ejaculation volume, improvement in sexual stamina and extra benefits like multiple orgasms.

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Is Performer5 Safe?

One of our main concerns was to find out whether Performer5 is a safe solution for premature ejaculation or not. The product has all constituents that are safe and do not lead to any type of side effects. Most of them are organically obtained so that ejaculation problems are treated following natural techniques only.

Is There Any Guarantee?

Performer5 manufacturer has posted money back guarantee if anyone obtains unsatisfactory results within 6 months. Besides, the manufacturer offers a number of bonuses and informative guides free of cost along with the product. This further adds to the assurance of persormer5 being a useful product.

You must purchase Performer5 from the official website of the product manufacturer and avoid buying any fake products sold under the brand name.

The price tag of $68.95 may sound high at first, but the accompanying bonuses make it totally worth it. To get 5% OFF from every order use PERFORM voucher.

The bigger your order, the more bonuses you get. Not just this, you must have this all natural semen enhancement for at least 3 months to get the best results. No wonder, the most popular package is the 6 months package.

Increase Semen with Performer5

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